Energy Challenges is the challenge where youngsters learn more about energy. It is fun to add extra impact to the challenges by doing an Energy Experience. Energy Experiences are excursions to organizations, museums or take place at their own school. We offer a ‘standard’ selection of Experiences which Energizers can choose from. Each Energy Experience widget shows the content of the experience, the costs-, and how much time the excursion takes. During the excursion the Energizers will learn more about topics like energy, sustainability, climate and environment. It sparks more enthusiasm in the students and makes the students even more motivated to have a succesful Energy Challenges at their school!

If you have any questions feel free to contact the education coach:

Lesson packages

With some excursions it is possible to do a lesson program in class beforehand using a lesson package. We also would like refer to the lesson packages of IVN, NME and Enexis. Nuon also has a website available which contains a lot of information about energy.