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Working together on a sustainable future?

Energy Challenges offers organizations the opportunity to work together on a sustainable future and enthuse participants for the theme of energy. We invest in the future of our society by:

  • Developing climate awareness
  • Increasing knowledge about energy
  • Favoring enthusiasm for energy and technology

Will you be our partner in unchaining sustainability? Tag along and think along with the game on knowledge, innovation, technology and advice. Help schools by helping them getting- and keeping up their energy supply.

Together with the Friends of Energy Challenges, we give children a peek in the world of energy and show them which companies occupy themselves with energy and technology in their region. The end goal is to educate more people in energy-related occupations.

What is my benefit of being friends?

In consultation with you we can realize the following possibilities:

A meet & greet

A network meeting to meet other stakeholders, get acquainted with the project and the Energizers and experience the effects of the campaign.

How can I become a friend of Energy Challenges?

Energy Challenges offers several possibilities to work together. Together we can see what caters best to you as partner and friend of Energy Challenges. Help us making the thought of sustainability a worldwide thought. Support smart by supporting with energy.

If you are interested, you can contact us no strings attached via We would like to visit you for further explanation.

Staying in contact and seeing what happens within the network of Energy Challenges?
Stay in touch with the different regions via LinkedIn, Twitter or apply for the newsletter.