2IMPREZS – The International Energy Challenges

Energy Challenges goes International!

Energy Challenges is an innovative company because we look to the future. The future that is in the hands of the youth. And because we don’t think in boundaries, our concept will also be given an international variant starting next school year. In Denmark, England, Germany and Belgium there is interest to also organize sustainability campaigns in schools. The idea is that there will be an international competition between participating schools from different countries.


2IMPREZS is an international program within the 'North Sea Region' for reducing CO2 emissions. The program is implemented at existing schools with the help of Energy Challenges. The emphasis of the project is on knowledge, attitude and behavior regarding energy consumption, as well as on technical measures to reduce energy consumption and thus reduce CO2 emissions by a total of 7320 tons.

The goals

Energy Challenges is seen as the basis for 2IMPREZS at the European level. The participation by the Netherlands consists of:

  1. Sharing knowledge and experience gained with Energy Challenges.
  2. Participate in the international competition.
  3. Adapting the Brederoschool in Groningen to a "zero-energy school".

Are you interested in participating in this International project? Send an email to info@energychallenges.nl. Or take a look at: http://northsearegion.eu/2imprezs/

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